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PIDO Fact Sheet


About Point Isabel Dog Owners & Friends (PIDO)


Dog lovers have enjoyed Point Isabel since at least 1975. Point Isabel Dog Owners & Friends was formed in 1985 to represent the recreational-dogwalking park-user group and was incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 2000. As of 2016, PIDO has approximately 6,000 members.

PIDO's Mission

  • To work closely with the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) to maintain and preserve Point Isabel as a multi-use park that welcomes off-leash recreational dogwalking

  • To educate park visitors about park rules and concerns

  • To preserve the natural environment at Point Isabel

  • To support other groups in their efforts to preserve on-leash and off-leash recreational dogwalking


Ongoing PIDO Activities

  • Maintains the attractiveness of the park

  • Contributes $2,000 a year to EBRPD to purchase biodegradable bags for dog waste

  • Coordinates monthly cleanup days when volunteers pick up dog waste

  • Organizes volunteers to pull weeds monthly

  • Attends EBRPD’s Ecology Committee meetings to ensure Round-Up is no longer used as a weed killer; PIDO board members have found a nontoxic substitute

  • Publishes a three-times-a-year newsletter, The PIDO Pointer, which includes topic such as the following:

                    -- A professional dog trainer’s guidance regarding dog behavior and training
                    -- Information about PIDO and park activities
                    -- Information about bird species found at and near Point Isabel
                    -- Updates about park issues such as weed control, safety, park policies, etc.

  • Sponsors a yearly Canine Good Citizen test

  • Holds an annual Easter Egg hunt for the children of park visitors

  • Holds an annual Barktoberfest dog costume contest and parade


Past PIDO Successes

  • PIDO convinced EBRPD to grant an ordinance (the Point Isabel Exception to EBRPD's Ordinance 38), allowing dogs to be off-leash throughout Point Isabel (1987)

  • PIDO proposed park rules for dog owners, which were accepted by EBRPD (1987)

  • When Catellus, then owner of North Point Isabel, planned to build a golf driving range on it, PIDO successfully lobbied the Richmond Planning Commission to block the plan (1994)

  • PIDO members collected 20,000 petition signatures to ensure that North Point Isabel remained off-leash when it became part of Eastshore State Park (now McLaughlin Eastshore State Park) (2002)

  • PIDO members collected signatures and organized a letter-writing campaign against the proposed rezoning of Point Isabel that would have allowed Kohl’s to build a department store near the Rydin Road entrance to the park (2008)


Data presented here is taken primarily from documents written by PIDO board member Sylvia Falcon in 2008, which were based on a history written by Sylvia Schild, PIDO’s first president. Written by Mary Ann Campbell and edited by Marla Miyashiro in 2011, and updated by Mary Barnsdale in 2016.

For more about PIDO, please contact us at info@pido.org or P.O. Box 8282, Berkeley, CA 94707.


As of 20 April 2016